Crane scale is the magnum opus in the branch of engineering that deals in designing of measuring instruments. A very significant weighing device in the commercial sector, it is one of the strongest tools offering measurement of heavy weights with safety assurance. Also known as hanging scale or suspended scale, this instrument lets you measure a huge range of weights with high accuracy starting from a few kilograms to tones. For proper handling of the device and to obtain precision in results, it is important that the person handling the scale should be trained for the same.


From checking weight of commodities to loading and unloading of goods, the crane scale can perform a huge range of tasks. In this way, these machines also save time by performing two functions of carrying load and weighing it at the same time. Here are a few common uses of this versatile tool:

  • These are installed in vegetable stores to check the weight of vegetables and fruits
  • Used to weigh utensils and smelt pots of metal
  • In animal farms, these are used to weigh animal feed in bulk allowing easy handling and precise measurement
  • Recycling plants use these scales to measure scrap metal and other materials
  • In industries where heavy metal waste is to be dealt with, these scales offer an easier way out to measure these hefty commodities without the need of trained labor to take the bulk from one place to another
  • Many industries use them to shift bulky machine parts from one place to another
  • The shipping industry uses these scales as a dependable medium to unload heavy containers from ships and transfer them to yards

Buying a crane scale

While choosing a crane scale for your organization, you need to consider the following few factors:

  • Performance
  • Quality
  • Cost
  • Reliability

There is a huge number manufacturers who are making and supplying these machines in the market, though only a few can be trusted for quality. While some machines have basic functionality, a few specifically designed ones may have additional features such as the peak hold feature that will retain the highest reading on the screen.

As these are industry grade instruments, these are fabricated using strong metals and alloys to form the outer case. These are provided with a heat shield that will protect the instrument from environmental heat and keep the results unaffected by the rise in temperature. The battery is rechargeable and comes with a charger that can boost its power whenever needed. One thing to remember while purchasing a crane scale is that it should come with a load test certificate and a calibration certificate that states that the machine has been weight tested in the factory where it was manufactured.

A suspended scale is a vital gear for an industry that deals in heavy loads for both measurement of weight and movement of bulky materials. So selecting a dependable machine is essential.

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Weighing scales are instruments that display the heaviness of an object being weighed in a specified unit. The use of weighing scales aids accuracy and simplification of many processes. From measuring body weight for health concerns and weighing food ingredients for obtaining perfection in cooking to weighing huge constructional materials for commercial projects and chemical components to manufacture medicines, the significance of using Industrial Weighing Scale can never be stated enough.

Industrial Weighing Scales offer many key benefits to businesses such as:

Ensuring accuracy and precision

If you seek profitability in your business, perfection is the key. And without a dependable weighing scale, perfection is impossible to be obtained. If you don’t have enough tools and gadgets to prove accuracy at every point, there will always be a place for ambiguity. This vagueness is certain to affect the quality of the material, the operations and customer experience.

Different industries have varied requirements in terms of measurement of the raw materials as well as the finished products. Firstly, it is important to understand your specific requirements in terms of weight measurement. Secondly, you need to know the different options you have to solve the purpose. The third and final step is to have a market survey to determine the best and most trustable providers of Industrial Weighing Scales.

Time saving

If everything at the root level is ensured, the best results are sure to be obtained. And if everything is taking place in the expected frame of interval, time is saved. There is always a waste of time due to problems occurring at the manufacturing level. And in business, time is money! Saving time and ensuring flawless running of the industry means significant financial gains as expected.

Detection of equipment flaws

Aging is a law of nature. Industrial equipment experience fast aging due to everyday mechanical functioning and environmental factors. With accurate measuring gear available, any flaws in the equipments can be easily detected as soon as they occur and can be fixed timely. The more these defects stay undiscovered, the more loss they will cause to the company.

Ensuring quality

Quality assurance lies among the top factors that influence the success of a business. Absence of uncertainty at all levels due to proper calibration will lead to assurance of quality in the product. Also, during audits, quality control teams will check the calibration records and if all of them are accessible and up-to-date, it will be great for the industry’s reputation.

For each industrial measuring application, there is an Industrial Weighing Scale that can perform the task and give out the measured value at a specified scale. If you are capable of proving accuracy in your everyday operations, it is certain to bring profit to the business. However, one thing that should never be ignored is that if you possess Industrial Weighing Scale instruments, it is important to ensure proper calibration of the equipment as these machines get affected by regular use and environmental factors causing wear and tear in the machine.


Running an industry means ensuring precision at every point. Whichever industry you may belong, you have your own set of tools required to ensure accuracy at every step. A Weighing Scale is one such device that is essential in various industrial processes. To satisfy the specific needs of different industries, various types of weight measuring scales are available in the market. For the best results, it is essential to choose the one that suits the industry’s specific requirements. A few industrial scales are discussed here.

·         Medical or Laboratory Scale – As the name suggests, these scales are used in laboratories for measuring different compounds and chemicals used in labs. These are technically advanced precision scales with high accuracy and a strong chassis. The range of this scale is considerably great to provide correct results for various compounds.

·         Industrial Bench Scale – These scales are used in industries for over the counter measuring applications. These   baby weighing scale manufacturers are manufactured using tough yet light weight metals like aluminum and steel to suit the various industrial and commercial applications. Industries using these scales are like Airline and Freight companies, warehouses and food packaging industries.

·         Weighbridges – A weighbridge is known to have the highest capacity of carrying weight. Also known as a Truck Scale or a Railroad Scale, it is a set of a number of scales mounted on a strong foundation that can carry a vehicle with and without its contents. This WHEEL CHAIR WEIGHING SCALE comprises of an electronic controller that combines all the weight measured by the different scales and displays a gross weight of the vehicle.

·         Floor scales – In industries importing and exporting heavy luggage, it is imperative to weight the luggage before they are sent and when received. Floor scales are fabricated to carry out these processes efficiently. The modern floor scales have a digital display screen that displays the weight of the luggage to highest accuracy on an LCD screen with excellent visibility. A huge platform offers wide area for the luggage and wheels at the bottom offer easy mobility.

·         Kitchen Scale – In the cooking industry, weighing scales are used to measure the different food ingredients. These generally have limited capacities for smaller weights. These are further classified as personal and commercial kitchen scales. The personal scales are designed for family sized cooking while the commercial ones have greater capacities enough for hospitality services. Latest digital kitchen scales have a digital display screen that also displays additional information like nutritional value of the food.

·         Bathroom Scales – As people these days are more aware of their health concerns, these scales can be easily found in many homes. Latest bathroom scales have a wide base to let a person stand and a digital screen to display the weight. These offer high accuracy and fast response time.

Weighing Scales

have a come a long way from the traditional analog scales to the digital ones that are capable of carrying hundreds of tons of weight and displaying additional information. Find one to suit your specific needs today!


In huge firms where raw material is imported from external resources, it is very important to have a measure of the amount being sent and received. Having this information would mean that you know how much you are getting and you are paying for exactly the same amount and nothing less than that. Every business wants to enhance its productivity, thus, it is very important that accuracy on every level is ensured so that the intended goals are met.

In industries dealing in huge and heavy products and materials such as construction businesses, agricultural industry, pharmaceuticals, military, garbage disposal plants and alike, a Weighbridge is an indispensible tool. It is a type of weighing scale that has immense capacity of carrying heavy weights. It is a bridge-like structure with a flat surface over which a goods carrier, even a fully loaded one, can stand and be weighed. In many industries, weighing loaded vehicles is a part of everyday tasks. From evaluating the raw material received to the distribution of the final product to various vendor sites, this tool is needed at several steps. So if you are thinking of getting a weighbridge manufacturers for your business, here are a few tips to consider:

  • The manufacturer – There are various companies that are manufacturing these heavy duty weighing scales these days. Though, every one cannot be trusted. It is better to go for products by trusted manufacturers who are well known for the quality they provide in their products.
  • Capacity – In case of measuring heavy loaded vehicles, it is very important to ensure the capacity of the weighing scale. Truck scales have a range of varying capacities as the normal range for weights can vary greatly as per the type of luggage the vehicle is carrying. For instance, the upper and lower limit for a truck loaded with hay will be much different than the same for a truck carrying cars. Thus, it is important to consider the capacity of the scale.
  • Tested products – It is very important that the weighing machine that you are purchasing for your industry’s key operations that take place every day several times, should be a tested product. A reliable manufacturer of Weighbridges will always provide these scales after rigorous testing and screening. However, you must insist for a real time testing of the machine and cross check the results just to ensure that the particular machine that you are purchasing is in its best condition. A defected machine can severely hamper your net profit and the process of getting it exchanged with the other one will also have a cost associated.
  • Price – The price of the machine is yet another important consideration. The machine should be reasonably priced so that you get the best quality at a price that lies in your budget.

So, to add more transparency to your business, you must think of adding a reliable and good quality Weighbridge that can give you accurate evaluations of your carriage weight.

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