Crane Scale – A Versatile and Dependable Instrument

April 22, 2018 by jagga0

Crane scale is the magnum opus in the branch of engineering that deals in designing of measuring instruments. A very significant weighing device in the commercial sector, it is one of the strongest tools offering measurement of heavy weights with safety assurance. Also known as hanging scale or suspended scale, this instrument lets you measure a huge range of weights with high accuracy starting from a few kilograms to tones. For proper handling of the device and to obtain precision in results, it is important that the person handling the scale should be trained for the same.


From checking weight of commodities to loading and unloading of goods, the crane scale can perform a huge range of tasks. In this way, these machines also save time by performing two functions of carrying load and weighing it at the same time. Here are a few common uses of this versatile tool:

  • These are installed in vegetable stores to check the weight of vegetables and fruits
  • Used to weigh utensils and smelt pots of metal
  • In animal farms, these are used to weigh animal feed in bulk allowing easy handling and precise measurement
  • Recycling plants use these scales to measure scrap metal and other materials
  • In industries where heavy metal waste is to be dealt with, these scales offer an easier way out to measure these hefty commodities without the need of trained labor to take the bulk from one place to another
  • Many industries use them to shift bulky machine parts from one place to another
  • The shipping industry uses these scales as a dependable medium to unload heavy containers from ships and transfer them to yards

Buying a crane scale

While choosing a crane scale for your organization, you need to consider the following few factors:

  • Performance
  • Quality
  • Cost
  • Reliability

There is a huge number manufacturers who are making and supplying these machines in the market, though only a few can be trusted for quality. While some machines have basic functionality, a few specifically designed ones may have additional features such as the peak hold feature that will retain the highest reading on the screen.

As these are industry grade instruments, these are fabricated using strong metals and alloys to form the outer case. These are provided with a heat shield that will protect the instrument from environmental heat and keep the results unaffected by the rise in temperature. The battery is rechargeable and comes with a charger that can boost its power whenever needed. One thing to remember while purchasing a crane scale is that it should come with a load test certificate and a calibration certificate that states that the machine has been weight tested in the factory where it was manufactured.

A suspended scale is a vital gear for an industry that deals in heavy loads for both measurement of weight and movement of bulky materials. So selecting a dependable machine is essential.

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