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We manufacture Crane scale machines available with options such as remote key panel, heat protection for high temperature services in foundries, metallurgy. It also has wireless remote indicator. The machine is equipped with high tension hook and shackle with single block of load cell. Large LED screen offers outstanding visibility.
Our crane scales are made from heavy duty powder coated metal body featuring gravity acceleration correction for use at any place. Accuracy is verified to ensure its reliability.
The flexible crane scales make it extremely easy to measure suspended loads. Each sale features standard remote control for safe operation at the maximum distance. The rotating hook ensures stability and keeps the hanging weight securely at the required place. The machine has inbuilt rechargeable battery to use in areas where power is not available.

Crane scale Construction Attributes

  • MS Body
  • Heavy Duty Hook
  • Wireless Display
  • Remote Control For Operating
  • 1 Inch Green Bright LED Display

Crane scale Features

  • Microncontroller board digital electronic board with aluminum body
  • Large and bright LED display
  • Long battery life
  • Remote key use
  • Overload warning with buzzer
  • Stainless steel made hook for high strength and safety.
  • Overload safety 200%
  • Date and time feeding option
  • Weight measurements storage up to 100 values
  • Automatic zero tracking
  • Software linearity correction
  • Display hold
  • Power saver by display switch off option

Crane scale Technical Data

  • Power230V AC + 10% 50 HZ
  • Designed On Advanced Micro Controller Technology
  • Temperature Range – 10° C to 50° C
  • Optional – 6V / 4 AH Rechargeable Dry Battery
  • 100,000 Internal Resolution
  • 12.5 MM LED Display
  • Safe Overload Up to 200% of Rated Capacity
  • Sensor – High Quality Load Cell
  • Ultimate Overload Up to 300% Of Rated Capacity

Our Various Models (CRANE SCALE SERIES – Multifunction)

Model No. Capacity Accuracy Pan Size
SWIC100  100 Kg 10 gm Heavy Duty Hook
SWIC200  200 Kg 20 gm Heavy Duty Hook
SWIC300 300 Kg 50 gm Heavy Duty Hook
SWIC500 500 Kg 50gm Heavy Duty Hook
SWIC1000 1000 Kg 100 gm Heavy Duty Hook
SWIC2000 2000 Kg 200 gm Heavy Duty Hook
SWIC3000 3000 Kg 500 gm Heavy Duty Hook
SWIC 5000 5000 Kg 500 gm Heavy Duty Hook
SWIC 10000 10000 Kg 1 Kg Heavy Duty Hook
SWIC 15000 15000 Kg 2 Kg Heavy Duty Hook
SWIC 20000 20000 Kg 2 Kg Heavy Duty Hook
SWIC 25000 25000 Kg 5 Kg Heavy Duty Hook
Crane scale Applications
  • Measure accurate magnitudes of metallurgical additives needed for the exact quantity of molten metal measured.
  • Prevent metal waste from furnace by measuring the actual magnitude required.
  • Prevent overloading of crane above its capacity.
Crane scale Specification
  • Capacity: 50 kg – 100 MT
  • Reading ability: 5gm – 20 kg
  • Power supply: DC adopter 9 volts
  • Power consumption : 6 W
  • Service temperature: 10oC – 40oC
  • Display size: 30 mm
  • Battery: Inbuilt 6V/ 4Ah rechargeable battery
  • Battery backup : 40 hours
  • Load cell: Made from high strength alloy steel

Market Area

Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Uttarakhand, Punjab

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