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Swisser Instruments Pvt Ltd is one of the eminent Digital Controller Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters from India. Buyers from all across the globe are placed huge orders as there is no choice available when it comes to quality and efficiency. The controller also features advance features that ensure excellent results. The digital controller is ideally designed to meet the controlling applications in various industrial operations. The industrial digital controller is also available in various specifications which conform to the quality guidelines set by BIS, ISO & CE. Moreover, buyers are eased with the availability of the digital controllers at market leading prices and packed conventionally.


A PID (Proportional Integral Derivative) controller is a common instrument used in industrial control applications. A PID controller can be used for regulation of speed, temperature, flow, pressure and other process variables. Field mounted PID controllers can be placed close to the sensor or the control regulation device and be monitored centrally using a SCADA system.

The industrial PID has many options, tools, and parameters for dealing with the wide spectrum of difficulties and opportunities in manufacturing plants. Some of the options such as “dynamic reset limit” have existed for decades but the full value and applicability has not been realized. Also, the possibilities extend considerably beyond the original intent into improving process efficiency, operability, and compliance for sustainable manufacturing. An enhanced PID developed for wireless measurements has been found to inherently eliminate oscillations from a wide variety of sources including discontinuous and delayed responses in the automation system and interactions between loops when used with a threshold sensitivity setting and the dynamic reset limit. The advancements in new techniques and a greater understanding of existing capabilities enable the PID to not only improve loop performance but to individually optimize unit operations.

The PID controller is an essential part of every control loop in the process industry

Studies have shown that the PID provides an optimal solution of the regulator problem (rejection of disturbances) and with simple enhancements, provides an optimum servo response (setpoint response)

Tests show that the PID performs better than Model Predictive Control (MPC) for unmeasured disturbances in terms of peak error, integrated error, or robustness

The PID controller in the modern Distributed Control System (DCS) has an extensive set of features. However, primarily due to the lack of understanding of the functionality.

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