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Mobile weighbridge has the potential to be placed directly in the path of vehicles. It significantly reduces the transport costs that otherwise occurred by travelling to a fixed weighbridge system. Mobile weighbridge installation takes only 2 hours. It can also be shifted to another site easily.
Mobile weighbridges are a new generation of truck scale that depend on domestic truck scale advantage. It is gradually designed by latest technology and extensive experience in overloading tests. The weighing platform panel chooses flat and splices in the closed box-type structure that is a highly reliable structure.
Excellent measurement performance, high accuracy, long term stability, easy installation and maintenance, these features make our Mobile weighbridges capable of use in wide range of material measurements, inventory management, production monitoring and data management.

Mobile weighbridge Applications

  • Metallurgy
  • Dump trucks
  • Agricultural vehicles
  • Other overloading vehicles
  • Lorries
  • Trailers
  • Containers
  • Chemical industry
  • Food industry
  • Logistics

Mobile weighbridge Benefits

  • Modular Design- Machine supplied complete with platform, bottom frame and ramps Needs no foundation.
  • Installation in hours.
  • Can be shifted to an other site easily Keeps vigil on costly materials.
  • Significantly saves time & construction cost Most suited for temporaries.

Mobile weighbridge Various Models

Model No. Capacity In Tons Pan Size
SWIB 005T 05  3.0X2.0, 5.0 X2.5, 7.5 X 3.0
SWIB 010T 10  7.5X2.5, 7.5 X3.0, 9.0 X 3.0
SWIB 015T  15  7.5X2.5, 7.5 X3.0, 9.0 X 3.0
SWIB 020T  20  7.5X2.5, 7.5 X3.0, 9.0 X 3.0
SWIB 025T  25  7.5X2.5, 7.5 X3.0, 9.0 X 3.0
SWIB 030T  30  7.5X2.5, 7.5 X3.0, 9.0 X 3.0
SWIB 040T  40 9.0 X3.0, 12.0X 3.0, 15.0 X 3.0
SWIB 050T  50 9.0 X3.0, 12.0X 3.0, 15.0 X 3.0
SWIB 060T  60 9.0 X3.0, 12.0X 3.0, 15.0 X 3.0
SWIB 080T  80 12.0X3.0, 18.0 X 3.0, 20.0 X 3.0
SWIB 100T  100 12.0X3.0, 18.0 X 3.0, 20.0 X 3.0
Mobile weighbridge Features
  • Advanced design
  • Doesn’t need any foundation
  • Vigil on expensive materials
  • Saves time and building costs
  • Fit for temporary sites
  • Highly accurate dynamic weighing
  • Memory of 1300 weights read
  • Battery voltage indication
  • AC to DC convertible
  • Digital filtering
  • Data storage like vehicle number, total accumulation
  • Digital display overall weight, net weight
Mobile weighbridge Specification
  • Platform size: 8 x 3 m to 18 x 3 m
  • Capacity: 40 ton to 100 ton
  • Number of load cells: 4 to 8
  • Display : LCD/ LED display screen

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