Unique design wireless crane scale machines offer value added services to the users such as ease of use, safety and comfort of using a remote wireless display. Industrial crane scales features large display for proper reading of the weight, they are intended for mounting between the crane hook and the actual load. As soon as load is connected to the scales, the weight is measured and you can see the weight value on the large screen easily.
Wireless Crane Scale machines offer a comfortable operation and are beneficial to the safety at work. Using remote control on the industrial crane scales, the machine can also be operated even in severe conditions and from a safe distance in hazardous place. Considering infrared remote control, the crane scales can be used in severe conditions. The scales are battery operated. They are already calibrated so customer doesn’t need to make additional investment for calibration certificates.
The load cell used is a special type locking arrangement with intrinsic safety features against the lifting of sudden high impact loads.

Wireless Crane Scale machine Manufacturers Features

  • Overload safety of 500%
  • Hanging scales with 30kg to 300kg
  • High impact loads
  • Rugged construction
  • Precise engineering
  • Safety design as per the dimensions to prevent loosening or breakage issue

Wireless Crane Scale machine Manufacturers Applications

  • Process industry
  • Foundries
  • Transport
  • Metal industry
  • Steel plants
  • Cement plants

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